Bucket List


For whatever reason, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the things I want to do and experience within the next few years. I decided to write up a ‘Bucket List’ on my computer and hopefully start crossing things off this year. I’m hoping to spend three weeks in Thailand where I’ll be able to ride an elephant and go to a full moon party. I just want to see how many things I can accomplish considering the majority of them are related to traveling.

My Bucket List;
        – Cage diving with Sharks around
        – Ride an Elephant
        – Visit the Eiffel Tower
        – Add a lock to the lovers bridge in Paris
        – Go Zorbing
        – New Years in New York
        – Skydive
        – Go to a Full Moon Party in Thailand
        – Backpack through Europe 
        – Go to an Airport and pick a random flight out
        – Visit Auschwitz
        – Wear a Bikini and feel good about it
        – Work on a film based on a series of books I love
        – Tie the knot 

I will probably add more but that’s what I have so far. 

Anyways, this week has been good so far! My trainer returned home from break so I had my first session of the new year with him on Monday. He killed me and my legs. Yup, it was leg day and I’m still feeling it two days later! I don’t think it helped that on Tuesday I spent 40 minutes doing interval training on the treadmill, rowing, and biking (But hey, I burned 670 calories) and not properly allowing my legs to rest. Today, however, I attempted to give them a break by focusing on my arms, chest, and shoulders. I did a lot of weights but I’m a huge fan of doing cardio in between sets. So I may have also skipped and ran in between which is why it probably still hurts to sit down. At least it’s the ‘good pain’. You know, the pain that tells you that you’re working hard and paying the price for it! I rather that then not being able to feel anything at all after kicking ass at the gym. 

I also experimented with a new recipe today which was ridiculously easy. I played around with crab stuffed mushrooms. I really like crab because it’s low in calories but high in protein. It’s an awesome lunch while trying to eat clean and healthy. The ingredients were portobello mushrooms, crabmeat, parsley, sea salt, egg whites, and almond meal. Basically, I used the amount of each product that I thought was best and mixed everything in a bowl (besides the mushrooms). I then scooped out the stem and brown stuff from the mushrooms and stuffed the crab into the mushrooms. I added a bit of almond meal on top and put it in the microwave for 20 minutes at 200 Celsius. 

The outcome? The crab was delicious. I really enjoyed it. However, I hate mushrooms! I’m trying to force myself into eating things that are healthy that I dislike (like cucumber) but I couldn’t get over the texture and taste of these ones. I ended up scooping out the crab and just eating that! But yeah, if you like mushrooms, you would have enjoyed this one.

Tomorrow I’m off to work before another Personal Training session at 5:30PM. Hopefully my legs will be better functioning by then!

Now, I’ve got to ask: What’s on your bucket list? 


Competitive Nature & The Biggest Loser

I’m not sure if it’s an odd motivation or not, but the television show ‘The Biggest Loser’ was key in my initial weight loss journey. The show literally helped get me off the but and into the gym when I was 226lbs. I remember when I use to work out at that weight, every time I wanted to stop or told myself ‘I can’t’, I would hear Jillian Michaels screaming in my ear. I’m a bit of a day dreamer, so being able to hear her and think of what she would say if I were slacking off really helped get my butt into gear! 

Now, the show still aids as a motivation but it doesn’t hold as huge of an impact on my fitness as it once did. I don’t often tell myself ‘I can’t’ anymore and I don’t need to think of someone screaming into my ear to get me to move faster. Instead, I can motivate myself with my competitive nature. I love beating running times, going faster then I ever had before, and lifting heavier weights for more reps. I like to keep a record of everything I do on my phone. At the end of each machine, I will make a note on how many kilometres I ran, how fast I did it in, and whether or not I had a break and at what time that occurred. If I’m lifting weights, I write what the weight is and how many reps I achieved. The next day I do the same work out, I will try and beat my old scores. This makes the workout more enjoyable for me and helps show my progress. I keep all my records so at the end of the month, I can compare to four weeks prior in order to see my progress in endurance, pace, and strength. It’s a strong motivator that keeps me going.

Right now, I’m watching the newest season of ‘The Biggest Loser’. It’s getting to the point where some of the contestants are getting to my weight or weigh less than I do. It’s amazing seeing the transformation and how wonderful they look. This is when I usually get the fire started again. I see the types of bodies that they have and I want that for myself. It’s hard to see a slim or fit girl and picture that I could become that because some of them haven’t struggled to lose weight. However, when you see and witness someone your weight or heavier achieving their goals, it makes you want to do the same. At least, it makes me want to. 

Anyways, that’s just a bit that was on my mind today. I had a rough few days but got back to the gym today. I was quite proud of my progress and the session that I had and helped show me that a few bad days without the gym wont destroy all my progress. Fitness doesn’t leave if you skip out on two days. Sure, it might be harder to actually get to the gym but once there, I was able to fall back into my routine. My endurance is still progressing and it’s becoming more noticeable when I do interval training. I was able to burn just over 600 calories today in 54 minutes. It was a combination of 37minutes of interval training on the treadmill (while listening to my ‘Zombie Run’), some rowing, and a cool down on the bike. Yup, I kicked my own ass!

What’s your biggest motivation right now? 

It’s Not A ‘Diet’, It’s A Healthy Lifestyle

My biggest pet peeve during this journey is when people see me eating a salad or ordering fish at a restaurant is that they ask ‘What diet are you on?’. Choosing to eat healthy doesn’t automatically mean that I’m on a diet. When I explain that I’m changing my lifestyle and what I choose to fuel my body with I get questions like, ‘Yeah, but for how long will you eat like this?’ or ‘You can steal ‘cheat’, right?’. If I want a slice of pizza, I will have it. However, I don’t. It’s not like I’m restricting myself from eating everything and anything, I just don’t feel like having fatty foods. After eating salads, fruit smoothies, chicken, steam veggies, and fish your body no longer craves the junk food. I don’t find it as appetising as I once did. This isn’t a ‘diet’ I will be using for two or three weeks until I shed some weight. No, this is how I plan on eating for the rest of my life. I want to incorporate more veggies (I love carrots, brussel sprouts, asparagus) and high protein foods. It fills me up, it’s tasty, and its better for my overall health. Yes, I desire to lose weight. But you know what I desire more? I want children and grandbabies! I want to be able to go camping with my grandchildren and be able to watch them grow as my grandmother has done with me. I’m 24 years old and when I’m home in Canada I see my grandparents every Sunday for lunch. Even in Australia, my Grandmother is the person I talk to the most from home. I want to have that kind of relationship with my family. Will I have it if I’m overweight, suffering health problems, or dead at a younger age? Hell no. Why risk it when I can reverse my lifestyle and fix what is needing to be fixed now. It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle I want to continue forever.

Anyways, that’s my bit of a rant. I was ice skating for four hours today with the children at my childcare centre. At lunch, I pulled out my salad and chicken and one of the male supervisors was saying ‘You eat like a rabbit’ and ‘What diet are you doing?’. It just annoyed me because people have the stigma that if you choose to eat healthy, you’re on a diet. It’s black and white. Well, that’s not really the case, is it?

But yeah, ice skating was a ton of fun. I was ridiculously proud of my kids because many of them fell but they continuously got up again. They were unbelievably determined! I skated for 3 1/2 hours and was the only supervisor that stayed on the ice longer then ten minutes.

After ice skating I got home at around 4pm and had a quick individual can of tuna before heading to the gym. I was pretty proud to have a five hour shift and decide to go to the gym even though I only had an hour in between getting home and meeting a friend. I got what I could done and it’s better then if I had stayed at home and watched a 45 minute television show, you know? May as well exercise. That use to be my excuse though: ‘An hour isn’t long enough’. Well it was today. Got in some leg stuff, skipping, running, etc. It was a bit of a weight and cardio circuit and I feel good about it. 

I never know how to end these blog posts. As soon as I get what is on my mind down, I just kind of fizzle out. That’s all I had to say; it’s good getting it all down on the computer and being able to be proud of myself and share it. 

Hope you all are doing well! Keep going strong! 

My Weigh In — Is The Scale Lying?

So I weighed in today…

My Starting Weight; 170lbs
Last Week; 169.2lbs
Current Weight; 166.4lbs

Yeah, apparetly I lost 2.8lbs in a single week. Is the scale lying? 
I feel like I should be really excited but I feel like that’s a little much and that I’m going to gain a bit or be the same next week. I know when you first start off, the weight sort of falls off in the first 2-3 weeks. I just hope I can continue kicking my own ass at the gym!
But yeah, I’m down 3.6lbs since I started really keeping track as of January 1st. That’s pretty good and I already reached my goal of 3lbs a month. I’m hoping next week I’ll be at 166lbs and by the end of the month the scale will say 165.whatever. 

I’m pretty happy with the progress. My only worry is that I work 25.30 hours next week at the childcare centre followed by a few days on duty as a resident advisor. I’m writing up my gym schedule after this so I know that I have to stick with it.

Anyways, hope you are all continuing strong! Keep your chins up and push for progress! 

Power Outage = Free Weights

Half way through my gym session today the power went out. Apparently there was a large accident that took out some power lines. My gym is on the university that I live at so I knew if I went home I’d be stuck in the dark with no computer or anything that would entertain me. So what did I do? I totally took advantage of the free weights. Nearly five minutes after the power went out, everyone at the gym seemed to run off. People were complaining about no air conditioning, no music, and how they could no longer work out. When I do weights, I will do a set and incorporate cardio after. Instead of using the treadmill or rower today, I did step ups and utilised my skipping rope. Ultimately, it was actually a pretty awesome work out.

This week I was able to get to the gym or work out 5 times. The one day I didn’t think I would get a chance to exercise, I ended up doing stuff in my room. I did step ups with my chair, 1000 skips to burn 100 calories, and I attempted some at home cardio thanks to youtube. It wasn’t as good as a gym session would have been but it was better then sitting on my butt on the computer, right? I want to find an at home program that will work for me when I’m stuck on duty as a resident advisor and unable to leave. But yeah, I thought that was progress.

Tomorrow morning I’m weighing in for the second time. I’m not too concerned though. I actually don’t care how much I lost because I’m really proud of how active I’m getting. I went to the gym on a regular basis before the new year (three times a week) but I never really pushed myself. I found a happy place and just stuck to it. However, now I’m running faster then I ever attempted, I’m lasting longer, and I’m experimenting with different workouts. I feel a lot better about myself just by pushing myself more.

Tomorrow is also grocery shopping! I have to update my weekly meals in the morning and figure out what I need to buy for next week. I love grocery shopping though and preparing all my meals. I like that sense of control and organisation. 

Anyways, that was my excitement for the day. Nothing too crazy but I kept moving. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and being active!