Weekly Weigh In – 19.01.14

Today was another weigh in day…

As of this morning, I weighed in at 166.4lbs (the same as last week). Is it surprising? No. I am, however, actually quite pleased with that number. I binged for two days and didn’t go to the gym for those days last week. I’m impressed that there wasn’t a weight gain on the scale. I guess I can thank myself for getting back into the routine quite quickly. I binged Wednesday and Thursday but ate well and hit the gym hard on Friday and Saturday.

In fact, I even ran a 5k on Saturday! I hadn’t done that since February of 2013. My endurance and stamina is continuously growing. I was able to do the first 17 minutes as a non stop run before I had to break it down to a speed walk/run for the rest of the 5k. It took me 35:54Minutes to complete the whole 5km. After that, I was able to even go on the row machine for 10 minutes before cooling down on the bike for an additional 10 minutes.

I’m hoping, starting tomorrow, that I stay on track for the whole week. My personal trainer is back from holidays so I begin with him on Monday. I want to eat as clean as possible so on January 26th, I’ll see 165.whatever on my scale. 

Wish me luck? Here’s to a good week for all of you! 


Competitive Nature & The Biggest Loser

I’m not sure if it’s an odd motivation or not, but the television show ‘The Biggest Loser’ was key in my initial weight loss journey. The show literally helped get me off the but and into the gym when I was 226lbs. I remember when I use to work out at that weight, every time I wanted to stop or told myself ‘I can’t’, I would hear Jillian Michaels screaming in my ear. I’m a bit of a day dreamer, so being able to hear her and think of what she would say if I were slacking off really helped get my butt into gear! 

Now, the show still aids as a motivation but it doesn’t hold as huge of an impact on my fitness as it once did. I don’t often tell myself ‘I can’t’ anymore and I don’t need to think of someone screaming into my ear to get me to move faster. Instead, I can motivate myself with my competitive nature. I love beating running times, going faster then I ever had before, and lifting heavier weights for more reps. I like to keep a record of everything I do on my phone. At the end of each machine, I will make a note on how many kilometres I ran, how fast I did it in, and whether or not I had a break and at what time that occurred. If I’m lifting weights, I write what the weight is and how many reps I achieved. The next day I do the same work out, I will try and beat my old scores. This makes the workout more enjoyable for me and helps show my progress. I keep all my records so at the end of the month, I can compare to four weeks prior in order to see my progress in endurance, pace, and strength. It’s a strong motivator that keeps me going.

Right now, I’m watching the newest season of ‘The Biggest Loser’. It’s getting to the point where some of the contestants are getting to my weight or weigh less than I do. It’s amazing seeing the transformation and how wonderful they look. This is when I usually get the fire started again. I see the types of bodies that they have and I want that for myself. It’s hard to see a slim or fit girl and picture that I could become that because some of them haven’t struggled to lose weight. However, when you see and witness someone your weight or heavier achieving their goals, it makes you want to do the same. At least, it makes me want to. 

Anyways, that’s just a bit that was on my mind today. I had a rough few days but got back to the gym today. I was quite proud of my progress and the session that I had and helped show me that a few bad days without the gym wont destroy all my progress. Fitness doesn’t leave if you skip out on two days. Sure, it might be harder to actually get to the gym but once there, I was able to fall back into my routine. My endurance is still progressing and it’s becoming more noticeable when I do interval training. I was able to burn just over 600 calories today in 54 minutes. It was a combination of 37minutes of interval training on the treadmill (while listening to my ‘Zombie Run’), some rowing, and a cool down on the bike. Yup, I kicked my own ass!

What’s your biggest motivation right now? 

My Weigh In — Is The Scale Lying?

So I weighed in today…

My Starting Weight; 170lbs
Last Week; 169.2lbs
Current Weight; 166.4lbs

Yeah, apparetly I lost 2.8lbs in a single week. Is the scale lying? 
I feel like I should be really excited but I feel like that’s a little much and that I’m going to gain a bit or be the same next week. I know when you first start off, the weight sort of falls off in the first 2-3 weeks. I just hope I can continue kicking my own ass at the gym!
But yeah, I’m down 3.6lbs since I started really keeping track as of January 1st. That’s pretty good and I already reached my goal of 3lbs a month. I’m hoping next week I’ll be at 166lbs and by the end of the month the scale will say 165.whatever. 

I’m pretty happy with the progress. My only worry is that I work 25.30 hours next week at the childcare centre followed by a few days on duty as a resident advisor. I’m writing up my gym schedule after this so I know that I have to stick with it.

Anyways, hope you are all continuing strong! Keep your chins up and push for progress! 

Who Doesn’t Love Zombie Run?

Seriously, Zombie Run is the app that made me fall in love with running. I’ve probably lost a good 20lbs just from what this app has gotten me to do. I use to hate running; especially out doors. After downloading Zombie Run though, I finally had that inspiration and motivation to do exercise because it became fun for me. Basically, you sync it with any of your playlists and it takes you on a ‘virtual adventure’. You find out that you are a character called ‘Runner 5’ and each time you run, you have to complete a little mission. It’s about two minutes of talking, one song, back to two minutes of talking. It’s great when I was first starting out because I would walk while the game was talking about the mission and run when my music was playing. I use to only use this when outdoors but now I use it on the treadmill too. However, I don’t walk when they talk anymore; I just keep going. 

I’m mentioning this app because I stopped using it for about a month. I became more focused on weight training and intervals of cardio. I stopped working on my endurance until today. I put on the app and I got the best cardio work out I’ve had in at least a month. I burned 610calories in 52minutes. I spent the first 37 minutes at the gym doing intervals on the treadmill (1minute fast walk/1 minutes fast run) before hoping on the row machine and finishing with a 10 minute non stop run. It was refreshing to hear the Zombie Run banter in my ear and I set it to an hour so I couldn’t stop until the mission had been completed.

To date, I have logged 46hours and 37 minutes just with this one app. Crazy, eh?

I think everyone works so differently. You need to find something you love to do at the gym. Whether it’s a type of music, competing with a best mate, or nerding out with an awesome app. What gets you moving? What gets you motivated and inspired to keep going during your workout sessions? 

Have You Tried Insanity?

I’m just curious if any of you have tried the home DVD set of Insanity? It’s a 60 week at home workout that’s suppose to be ridiculously hard but completely rewarding. I’m not sure yet if I want to try this and was hoping to hear from some of you. Is it worth it? Did you enjoy it? Where you able to make it through? What were your results?

I’m curious because I work as a resident advisor at the university that I live at. Due to this, there are some days that I have to stay on the residents 24 hours. I’m unable to go to the gym, go for a jog, or do anything that I normally would for my work out. I figured something like Intensity might help. I can do it while I’m working and during next month when I have to be on the residence a lot longer, I’ll have something to strive towards and keep me motivated.

Let me know your thoughts on the program? I’d love to hear from some real people and users!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! xoxo