Who Doesn’t Love Zombie Run?

Seriously, Zombie Run is the app that made me fall in love with running. I’ve probably lost a good 20lbs just from what this app has gotten me to do. I use to hate running; especially out doors. After downloading Zombie Run though, I finally had that inspiration and motivation to do exercise because it became fun for me. Basically, you sync it with any of your playlists and it takes you on a ‘virtual adventure’. You find out that you are a character called ‘Runner 5’ and each time you run, you have to complete a little mission. It’s about two minutes of talking, one song, back to two minutes of talking. It’s great when I was first starting out because I would walk while the game was talking about the mission and run when my music was playing. I use to only use this when outdoors but now I use it on the treadmill too. However, I don’t walk when they talk anymore; I just keep going. 

I’m mentioning this app because I stopped using it for about a month. I became more focused on weight training and intervals of cardio. I stopped working on my endurance until today. I put on the app and I got the best cardio work out I’ve had in at least a month. I burned 610calories in 52minutes. I spent the first 37 minutes at the gym doing intervals on the treadmill (1minute fast walk/1 minutes fast run) before hoping on the row machine and finishing with a 10 minute non stop run. It was refreshing to hear the Zombie Run banter in my ear and I set it to an hour so I couldn’t stop until the mission had been completed.

To date, I have logged 46hours and 37 minutes just with this one app. Crazy, eh?

I think everyone works so differently. You need to find something you love to do at the gym. Whether it’s a type of music, competing with a best mate, or nerding out with an awesome app. What gets you moving? What gets you motivated and inspired to keep going during your workout sessions? 


Have You Tried Insanity?

I’m just curious if any of you have tried the home DVD set of Insanity? It’s a 60 week at home workout that’s suppose to be ridiculously hard but completely rewarding. I’m not sure yet if I want to try this and was hoping to hear from some of you. Is it worth it? Did you enjoy it? Where you able to make it through? What were your results?

I’m curious because I work as a resident advisor at the university that I live at. Due to this, there are some days that I have to stay on the residents 24 hours. I’m unable to go to the gym, go for a jog, or do anything that I normally would for my work out. I figured something like Intensity might help. I can do it while I’m working and during next month when I have to be on the residence a lot longer, I’ll have something to strive towards and keep me motivated.

Let me know your thoughts on the program? I’d love to hear from some real people and users!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! xoxo

Let’s Get Honest


I’m always commenting on people’s blogs about how they are brave for doing before pictures and I’ve always regretted not doing initial ones when I was 226lbs. But you know what? These really suck. It’s fine looking in the mirror and seeing your own body every day but to post it for others to see? That’s terrifying. I’m 170lbs and I’m not happy about it. I want to change my body but I really stand in my own way. 

What I don’t like:

  • My two stomachs (My stomach kind of cuts in half at the belly button area so it looks like I have two large rolls)
  • My butt (Look at that thing!)
  • My thighs
  • My back

I’m really not good with my schedule being changed. I’m a planner and an organiser. For instance, today I had planned on going to the gym after work and before a meeting. I finished work at 3:30PM and I planned to be at the gym from 4:30PM-5:45PM. However, before I was about to get going, we got hit by a massive storm. Thunder, lighting, and an absolute down pour. 10 minutes in and parts of the building was already flooding. It stopped me from going to the gym which screwed up my plans. I like to say I’m a flexible person but I’m really, really not. I started beating myself up because I didn’t have enough time to work out as planned. I did what I could in my room though. I ended up doing 100calories from skipping and ten minutes of abs before showering for my meeting. However, at the meeting everyone was having icecream with a waffle cone. Know what? I totally gave into temptation. I was upset about not going  to the gym and instantly my head said ‘You can work it off tomorrow’. Really? Now I’m sitting here saying ‘why?’ and ‘was it really worth it?’. No, it wasn’t. 

I have to start remembering that short term satisfaction doesn’t lead to long term success. I need to really be able to say no to temptation. I’m always really good for 5 days before being bad for 2 and repeating the cycle. I get upset, beat myself up, and start over. I’m tired of the same cycle though! I really, really need a change and I have to soon find the change that will work for me. 

Hopefully tomorrow ends up being a better day. I want to stay true to my weekly meals list (and not deviate) as well as get my butt to the gym. I’ve now had two days off and I don’t want to make it a third! 

Anyways, I hope to be able to take more photos after I lose 10lbs and compare them to the ones above. We’ll see what the difference is in 2-3 months from now!

Tomorrows Turkey Pie & A Rest Day


Per Serving: 215Cal, 28.3 Carb, 9.4g Fat            (Click for a larger view)

One of my favourite recipes at the moment is this minced turkey pie. Seriously, I love the stuff. The only thing that I hated about it is that it made so many servings. I’m a self-catered student on residence so I mainly only cook for myself. What I’m going to experiment with tomorrow for dinner is to make individual turkey pies! I bought 2 mini quiche dishes and I decided that I’m going to make 2 small pies in those. That way, I will have one for dinner and one for lunch the following day. I’m just hoping that my little experiment works!

Anyways, that’s enough about my ‘pre-planning’ for tomorrow. Today I was suppose to go to the beach in Gold Coast with my boyfriend and some friends but it was cloudy and grey. Instead, the boyfriend and I slept in before making a salad and going to the cinemas. We went and saw The Hobbit 2 (it was pretty good; long though) where he had popcorn and I didn’t ONCE try and take any. I was quite pleased with myself considering popcorn is one of my favourite things.

However, I did cheat a bit today. I had some frozen yogurt (which isn’t really a cheat, I don’t think) before the movie. I did’t finish it though and gave the rest to the boyfriend to finish. I could have been fine without it but I’ve been craving sweets lately. Then, after the movie, we went out to a really nice restaurant. I had a steamed chicken stir fry which was delicious and healthy. After dinner we went to Max Brenner which is a cute little chocolate shop. We got the fondue for two where all I had was 3 strawberries and some bananas. I dribbled a touch of chocolate on them but I didn’t dip any of my fruit in the chocolate and some of the pieces didn’t even get any on them. I cheated today but not to the point in where I am beating myself up over it. You know why? Because it could have been far worse. It’s hard quitting cold turkey and I’m an advocate for being able to treat yourself in moderation. I don’t think it’s bad to go out and have a frozen yogurt or even to have a few pieces from a chocolate bar. I had a lovely day today and I will definitely be able to work off what I did eat tomorrow at the gym.

Oh, and tomorrow morning I step on the scale for the first time this year! Please cross your fingers for me! I’m hoping to have lost a pound. Last time I checked, I was 170lbs. I would be more then pleased if I was 169lbs! Seriously, 3lbs a month is my goad. Achievable? I hope so!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Keep going strong!

Productive Beach Day (No, Seriously)

I’m quite pleased and happy with myself to day. You heard it, I had a productive beach day! Today I went to the Sunshine Coast with 13 other residence in which I had to drive a big 15 seat vehicle. The drive was smooth the way down (Shockingly enough) but temptation started as soon as I parked the vehicle.

The kitchen staff from our residence prepared two eskes filled with chocolate bards, chocolate donuts, poppers, and (thank goodness) some apples. Everyone dove for the chocolate but I resisted, politely declined, and grabbed an apple. At lunch all that was available was hot dogs, fish and chips, and burgers. I opted for a grilled chicken burger (only ate the bottom bun with no condiments on it) and a side salad. Lastly, to simply treat everyone, the college paid for everyone to have a sunday or McFlurry from Maccas on the way home. As everyone ordered their hot fudge sundays or kit kat McFlurrys I simply ordered a bottle of water to hydrate more. Am I proud? Just a bit. But the best part is that all that stuff wasn’t even tempting. I didn’t want it or feel like I was missing out.

We were gone from 9am-5:00PM. You know how the sun drains you and by the time you get home you just want to crash? Well I planned for this to be my day off from exercise but I felt as though I was still able to handle going for a run. Tony and I switched our swimmers and thongs for a pair of runners and gym clothes and did the same running path we took two nights prior. The best part? Although it was hot and I felt as if I was going to vomit and die at one point, we were able to shave off our time by a minute in a half. It’s not hugely impressive, but it’s awesome considering we hadn’t planned to do a work out at all.

Anyways, I’m just happy and feeling good. It pays off to push yourself and do some exercise even on a lazy ‘beach bum’ day, you know? 

Gotta Love an Empty Gym



I thought today would be crazy and hectic in the gym (New Years Resolutions and all) but it was completely empty! I had the space to myself for two hours for my weight training. You know what? I took advantage of it! I totally sang at the top of my lungs to the music that was playing.

It’s crazy though, the only reason why I was even motivated to go in the first place though was for the air conditioning. In Brisbane it was around 40 degrees out and it was much too hot to function. The only thing that got me off my butt and climbing 150 stairs (a little thing we call ‘the goat track’ from our Residence to the main campus) was the thought of being in air con. And let me tell you, it was totally worth it!

The last few days I’ve been eating really well on top of exercising regularly. For instance, when I woke up today I had a fruit protein shake (I’m not a morning person but these get me up and going), at lunch I had three small turkey minced meatballs (with onion and sun dried tomato inside them) with steamed veggies, and at dinner I had salmon and a salad full of raisins, sunflower seeds, Caisins, tomato, and shaved almonds. It was seriously some great food!

But yeah, I’m happy with how on track I’ve been so far. My cravings for junk food are becoming less and less. I’m not eating as frequently as I would like to during the day but it’s too hot to and my body just doesn’t want the food. 

Tomorrow I’m heading to the sunshine coast with a bunch of residence from where I live. We get back home at 5:30 so Tony and I have scheduled another run for the evening as long as we aren’t too sunburt and dead. 

Anyways, I weigh in for the first time this year Sunday morning (January 5th) so please wish me luck! I’m hoping the scales are in my favour! 

Weekly Meals Updated & A Reflection

I have to go shopping for groceries on Friday January 3rd for the following week. I like being ridiculously organised so I plan out my meals for the full week so I know exactly what I have to pick up at the grocery store. This also helps to ensure I don’t waver and get take out any nights because I have a map of everything that I should be eating.

In the ‘Weekly Meals’ section, you will find everything that I will be eating. I feel accountable for it now that it is on my blog. At the end of everyday, on that page, I will post on whether or not I stuck to it or had any cheats along the way.

Some of the recipes (The Turkey Minced Shepard’s Pie) are incredible and I have accumulated over the last year. If you’re interested, just comment and I can upload the recipe to any of the meals I have planned. 

So, a reflection: I refuse to step onto the scale until Sunday or Monday morning. I want this whole week to be a sort of ‘cleanse’ before I figure out exactly where I’m at. I went out on New Years and drank. I celebrated with friends and had a great night out. It’s obvious though, that the alcohol will have me a bit bloated and my true weight wouldn’t be reflected properly on the scale. What’s the point of beating myself up? I rather wait until Sunday when a true reflection will be staring me in the face. 

Oh, on a completely different note: I absolutely hate running with people! At least, I did until yesterday. I get easily embarrassed when exercising with others. I don’t feel as if my fitness level is up to par to anyone else. I feel like if I were to run with someone, I’d make them go too slow or vise versa. However, yesterday I tried running with a Canadian named Tony who recently moved to my residence. He is a ridiculously nice guy with a lot of enthusiasm. I run slow in order to run longer and the whole time he kept up. We walked up a giant hill but, other then that, we practically ran the whole way. I was quite please with it. There had been times where I wanted to stop and walk but refused to because he was right behind me. He pushed me without having to say a word and he said that if I hadn’t been there, he would have walked a lot more. I think we’re good running partners and I wouldn’t mind doing that more often on days that I’m unable to get to the gym or it is closed. After the run, I even did a few minutes of skipping. I really enjoy incorporating skipping into my work outs; especially on weight training days. In between sets, I like to do 100-200 skips before taking a break and doing another rep. Throwing in a little cardio makes me feel like I’m working that much harder.