It’s Not A ‘Diet’, It’s A Healthy Lifestyle

My biggest pet peeve during this journey is when people see me eating a salad or ordering fish at a restaurant is that they ask ‘What diet are you on?’. Choosing to eat healthy doesn’t automatically mean that I’m on a diet. When I explain that I’m changing my lifestyle and what I choose to fuel my body with I get questions like, ‘Yeah, but for how long will you eat like this?’ or ‘You can steal ‘cheat’, right?’. If I want a slice of pizza, I will have it. However, I don’t. It’s not like I’m restricting myself from eating everything and anything, I just don’t feel like having fatty foods. After eating salads, fruit smoothies, chicken, steam veggies, and fish your body no longer craves the junk food. I don’t find it as appetising as I once did. This isn’t a ‘diet’ I will be using for two or three weeks until I shed some weight. No, this is how I plan on eating for the rest of my life. I want to incorporate more veggies (I love carrots, brussel sprouts, asparagus) and high protein foods. It fills me up, it’s tasty, and its better for my overall health. Yes, I desire to lose weight. But you know what I desire more? I want children and grandbabies! I want to be able to go camping with my grandchildren and be able to watch them grow as my grandmother has done with me. I’m 24 years old and when I’m home in Canada I see my grandparents every Sunday for lunch. Even in Australia, my Grandmother is the person I talk to the most from home. I want to have that kind of relationship with my family. Will I have it if I’m overweight, suffering health problems, or dead at a younger age? Hell no. Why risk it when I can reverse my lifestyle and fix what is needing to be fixed now. It’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle I want to continue forever.

Anyways, that’s my bit of a rant. I was ice skating for four hours today with the children at my childcare centre. At lunch, I pulled out my salad and chicken and one of the male supervisors was saying ‘You eat like a rabbit’ and ‘What diet are you doing?’. It just annoyed me because people have the stigma that if you choose to eat healthy, you’re on a diet. It’s black and white. Well, that’s not really the case, is it?

But yeah, ice skating was a ton of fun. I was ridiculously proud of my kids because many of them fell but they continuously got up again. They were unbelievably determined! I skated for 3 1/2 hours and was the only supervisor that stayed on the ice longer then ten minutes.

After ice skating I got home at around 4pm and had a quick individual can of tuna before heading to the gym. I was pretty proud to have a five hour shift and decide to go to the gym even though I only had an hour in between getting home and meeting a friend. I got what I could done and it’s better then if I had stayed at home and watched a 45 minute television show, you know? May as well exercise. That use to be my excuse though: ‘An hour isn’t long enough’. Well it was today. Got in some leg stuff, skipping, running, etc. It was a bit of a weight and cardio circuit and I feel good about it. 

I never know how to end these blog posts. As soon as I get what is on my mind down, I just kind of fizzle out. That’s all I had to say; it’s good getting it all down on the computer and being able to be proud of myself and share it. 

Hope you all are doing well! Keep going strong! 


3 thoughts on “It’s Not A ‘Diet’, It’s A Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Very true. For it to be a long term thing the key isn’t to restrict anything but the better you eat the less you feel like eating that other stuff. Well done for fitting in the gym today 🙂

  2. i struck this all the time during my first phase. some people just think that everybody eats junk because they do. perhaps it makes themselves feel better to ask, to make themselves “the bigger and better person” because they don’t have to eat like that. or maybe they just don’t get it, it hasn’t clicked for them yet like it has for you. onwards and upwards m’dear!

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