My Weigh In — Is The Scale Lying?

So I weighed in today…

My Starting Weight; 170lbs
Last Week; 169.2lbs
Current Weight; 166.4lbs

Yeah, apparetly I lost 2.8lbs in a single week. Is the scale lying? 
I feel like I should be really excited but I feel like that’s a little much and that I’m going to gain a bit or be the same next week. I know when you first start off, the weight sort of falls off in the first 2-3 weeks. I just hope I can continue kicking my own ass at the gym!
But yeah, I’m down 3.6lbs since I started really keeping track as of January 1st. That’s pretty good and I already reached my goal of 3lbs a month. I’m hoping next week I’ll be at 166lbs and by the end of the month the scale will say 165.whatever. 

I’m pretty happy with the progress. My only worry is that I work 25.30 hours next week at the childcare centre followed by a few days on duty as a resident advisor. I’m writing up my gym schedule after this so I know that I have to stick with it.

Anyways, hope you are all continuing strong! Keep your chins up and push for progress! 


9 thoughts on “My Weigh In — Is The Scale Lying?

  1. 2.8lbs seems just fine to me – 9 months into my journey and I can still do 3lbs in a week without even trying – the body does as it pleases lol! Keep up whatever you’re doing! It’s working 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you!
      Haha, I’m just not use to losing that much in a week. Normally 1lb is the most I’ll see.
      But yeah, thanks for the support! I think it’s awesome that you can still get 3lbs off! That’s wonderful!

  2. Woo! Don’t second guess it, you worked hard this week! The big change from not really paying attention to what you eat/work out to keeping track of it daily and the fact that you made your work out goals this week is the reason the scale went down. Good work!

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