Power Outage = Free Weights

Half way through my gym session today the power went out. Apparently there was a large accident that took out some power lines. My gym is on the university that I live at so I knew if I went home I’d be stuck in the dark with no computer or anything that would entertain me. So what did I do? I totally took advantage of the free weights. Nearly five minutes after the power went out, everyone at the gym seemed to run off. People were complaining about no air conditioning, no music, and how they could no longer work out. When I do weights, I will do a set and incorporate cardio after. Instead of using the treadmill or rower today, I did step ups and utilised my skipping rope. Ultimately, it was actually a pretty awesome work out.

This week I was able to get to the gym or work out 5 times. The one day I didn’t think I would get a chance to exercise, I ended up doing stuff in my room. I did step ups with my chair, 1000 skips to burn 100 calories, and I attempted some at home cardio thanks to youtube. It wasn’t as good as a gym session would have been but it was better then sitting on my butt on the computer, right? I want to find an at home program that will work for me when I’m stuck on duty as a resident advisor and unable to leave. But yeah, I thought that was progress.

Tomorrow morning I’m weighing in for the second time. I’m not too concerned though. I actually don’t care how much I lost because I’m really proud of how active I’m getting. I went to the gym on a regular basis before the new year (three times a week) but I never really pushed myself. I found a happy place and just stuck to it. However, now I’m running faster then I ever attempted, I’m lasting longer, and I’m experimenting with different workouts. I feel a lot better about myself just by pushing myself more.

Tomorrow is also grocery shopping! I have to update my weekly meals in the morning and figure out what I need to buy for next week. I love grocery shopping though and preparing all my meals. I like that sense of control and organisation. 

Anyways, that was my excitement for the day. Nothing too crazy but I kept moving. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and being active! 


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