Who Doesn’t Love Zombie Run?

Seriously, Zombie Run is the app that made me fall in love with running. I’ve probably lost a good 20lbs just from what this app has gotten me to do. I use to hate running; especially out doors. After downloading Zombie Run though, I finally had that inspiration and motivation to do exercise because it became fun for me. Basically, you sync it with any of your playlists and it takes you on a ‘virtual adventure’. You find out that you are a character called ‘Runner 5’ and each time you run, you have to complete a little mission. It’s about two minutes of talking, one song, back to two minutes of talking. It’s great when I was first starting out because I would walk while the game was talking about the mission and run when my music was playing. I use to only use this when outdoors but now I use it on the treadmill too. However, I don’t walk when they talk anymore; I just keep going. 

I’m mentioning this app because I stopped using it for about a month. I became more focused on weight training and intervals of cardio. I stopped working on my endurance until today. I put on the app and I got the best cardio work out I’ve had in at least a month. I burned 610calories in 52minutes. I spent the first 37 minutes at the gym doing intervals on the treadmill (1minute fast walk/1 minutes fast run) before hoping on the row machine and finishing with a 10 minute non stop run. It was refreshing to hear the Zombie Run banter in my ear and I set it to an hour so I couldn’t stop until the mission had been completed.

To date, I have logged 46hours and 37 minutes just with this one app. Crazy, eh?

I think everyone works so differently. You need to find something you love to do at the gym. Whether it’s a type of music, competing with a best mate, or nerding out with an awesome app. What gets you moving? What gets you motivated and inspired to keep going during your workout sessions? 


2 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Zombie Run?

  1. I have not heard about this app, but I’m SO going to check it out! Everybody’s zombie crazy here at my house. My son’s high school marching band show this past fall was “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse,” even! 🙂 As far as fun motivators to get moving, I have started cardio again with, of all things, a Susan Powter dvd. You may not be old enough to remember her and “Stop the Insanity!” from the 80’s, but she was over the top. Funny!

    • It’s amazing! It’s the most expensive app I’ve bought ($8.00, I think ) but it was completely worth the money. It made me motivated to go for runs and kept me engaged longer then I would be without it.

      Susan Powter?! Haha, I do remember her! My mom use to rock out to her DVD’s too! As long as you have something that’s fun and keeps you moving, that’s all that matters, right? Everyone needs their thing.

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