Tomorrows Turkey Pie & A Rest Day


Per Serving: 215Cal, 28.3 Carb, 9.4g Fat            (Click for a larger view)

One of my favourite recipes at the moment is this minced turkey pie. Seriously, I love the stuff. The only thing that I hated about it is that it made so many servings. I’m a self-catered student on residence so I mainly only cook for myself. What I’m going to experiment with tomorrow for dinner is to make individual turkey pies! I bought 2 mini quiche dishes and I decided that I’m going to make 2 small pies in those. That way, I will have one for dinner and one for lunch the following day. I’m just hoping that my little experiment works!

Anyways, that’s enough about my ‘pre-planning’ for tomorrow. Today I was suppose to go to the beach in Gold Coast with my boyfriend and some friends but it was cloudy and grey. Instead, the boyfriend and I slept in before making a salad and going to the cinemas. We went and saw The Hobbit 2 (it was pretty good; long though) where he had popcorn and I didn’t ONCE try and take any. I was quite pleased with myself considering popcorn is one of my favourite things.

However, I did cheat a bit today. I had some frozen yogurt (which isn’t really a cheat, I don’t think) before the movie. I did’t finish it though and gave the rest to the boyfriend to finish. I could have been fine without it but I’ve been craving sweets lately. Then, after the movie, we went out to a really nice restaurant. I had a steamed chicken stir fry which was delicious and healthy. After dinner we went to Max Brenner which is a cute little chocolate shop. We got the fondue for two where all I had was 3 strawberries and some bananas. I dribbled a touch of chocolate on them but I didn’t dip any of my fruit in the chocolate and some of the pieces didn’t even get any on them. I cheated today but not to the point in where I am beating myself up over it. You know why? Because it could have been far worse. It’s hard quitting cold turkey and I’m an advocate for being able to treat yourself in moderation. I don’t think it’s bad to go out and have a frozen yogurt or even to have a few pieces from a chocolate bar. I had a lovely day today and I will definitely be able to work off what I did eat tomorrow at the gym.

Oh, and tomorrow morning I step on the scale for the first time this year! Please cross your fingers for me! I’m hoping to have lost a pound. Last time I checked, I was 170lbs. I would be more then pleased if I was 169lbs! Seriously, 3lbs a month is my goad. Achievable? I hope so!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Keep going strong!


6 thoughts on “Tomorrows Turkey Pie & A Rest Day

  1. When I used to make pies, I’d cut them into 8 servings or whatever and freeze them. Then I just get them out of the freezer in the morning and I know I’ve got an easy tea that night 🙂 just a thought 🙂 xxx

    • I love that suggestion! I made mini individual turkey pies last night. I aimed for two but had so much filling I ended up making four. I had them in the fridge but I just put them in the freezer after reading this. I’m looking forward to my easy dinner in a few nights! Thanks for the suggestion; I didn’t even think about it!

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