Productive Beach Day (No, Seriously)

I’m quite pleased and happy with myself to day. You heard it, I had a productive beach day! Today I went to the Sunshine Coast with 13 other residence in which I had to drive a big 15 seat vehicle. The drive was smooth the way down (Shockingly enough) but temptation started as soon as I parked the vehicle.

The kitchen staff from our residence prepared two eskes filled with chocolate bards, chocolate donuts, poppers, and (thank goodness) some apples. Everyone dove for the chocolate but I resisted, politely declined, and grabbed an apple. At lunch all that was available was hot dogs, fish and chips, and burgers. I opted for a grilled chicken burger (only ate the bottom bun with no condiments on it) and a side salad. Lastly, to simply treat everyone, the college paid for everyone to have a sunday or McFlurry from Maccas on the way home. As everyone ordered their hot fudge sundays or kit kat McFlurrys I simply ordered a bottle of water to hydrate more. Am I proud? Just a bit. But the best part is that all that stuff wasn’t even tempting. I didn’t want it or feel like I was missing out.

We were gone from 9am-5:00PM. You know how the sun drains you and by the time you get home you just want to crash? Well I planned for this to be my day off from exercise but I felt as though I was still able to handle going for a run. Tony and I switched our swimmers and thongs for a pair of runners and gym clothes and did the same running path we took two nights prior. The best part? Although it was hot and I felt as if I was going to vomit and die at one point, we were able to shave off our time by a minute in a half. It’s not hugely impressive, but it’s awesome considering we hadn’t planned to do a work out at all.

Anyways, I’m just happy and feeling good. It pays off to push yourself and do some exercise even on a lazy ‘beach bum’ day, you know? 


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