Weekly Meals Updated & A Reflection

I have to go shopping for groceries on Friday January 3rd for the following week. I like being ridiculously organised so I plan out my meals for the full week so I know exactly what I have to pick up at the grocery store. This also helps to ensure I don’t waver and get take out any nights because I have a map of everything that I should be eating.

In the ‘Weekly Meals’ section, you will find everything that I will be eating. I feel accountable for it now that it is on my blog. At the end of everyday, on that page, I will post on whether or not I stuck to it or had any cheats along the way.

Some of the recipes (The Turkey Minced Shepard’s Pie) are incredible and I have accumulated over the last year. If you’re interested, just comment and I can upload the recipe to any of the meals I have planned. 

So, a reflection: I refuse to step onto the scale until Sunday or Monday morning. I want this whole week to be a sort of ‘cleanse’ before I figure out exactly where I’m at. I went out on New Years and drank. I celebrated with friends and had a great night out. It’s obvious though, that the alcohol will have me a bit bloated and my true weight wouldn’t be reflected properly on the scale. What’s the point of beating myself up? I rather wait until Sunday when a true reflection will be staring me in the face. 

Oh, on a completely different note: I absolutely hate running with people! At least, I did until yesterday. I get easily embarrassed when exercising with others. I don’t feel as if my fitness level is up to par to anyone else. I feel like if I were to run with someone, I’d make them go too slow or vise versa. However, yesterday I tried running with a Canadian named Tony who recently moved to my residence. He is a ridiculously nice guy with a lot of enthusiasm. I run slow in order to run longer and the whole time he kept up. We walked up a giant hill but, other then that, we practically ran the whole way. I was quite please with it. There had been times where I wanted to stop and walk but refused to because he was right behind me. He pushed me without having to say a word and he said that if I hadn’t been there, he would have walked a lot more. I think we’re good running partners and I wouldn’t mind doing that more often on days that I’m unable to get to the gym or it is closed. After the run, I even did a few minutes of skipping. I really enjoy incorporating skipping into my work outs; especially on weight training days. In between sets, I like to do 100-200 skips before taking a break and doing another rep. Throwing in a little cardio makes me feel like I’m working that much harder. 


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