The Journey

2012 was filled with monumental moments concerning my weight. I was able to get under 200lbs and continue progressing. I spent the year exercising hard, eating clean, and I hardly drank any alcohol. When I returned to Australia in 2013 without having seen any of my friends for a year, they were amazed by the transition. Some of them didn’t even recognise me! I was 165lbs and a completely changed person. My confidence was through the roof and I finally loved myself. However, in 2013 I continued exercising but also began drinking and partying more. I stopped focusing on my progression and focused on having fun and ignoring the fact that my clothing was becoming a little tighter. Now in the last 10 months, I’ve gained 5lbs and I’m ready to find my path once more. As of December 31st, I’m at 170lbs and I’m ready to lose the last 20 pounds! I want to shed the weight by the end of July 2014. That means I will have to lose roughly 3lbs a month. I know it’s not all about what the scale says but that helps my motivation greatly. 

Wish me luck?


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